When life gives you lemons, make lemonadE

The problem is, no one taught us how!

Do you ever feel like your mental health fluctuates? Sometimes you are doing great, confidence is high, fulfilment is flowing and you have that wonderful feeling of peace within.

But other times, it can feel as though you’re fumbling your way through life – overwhelmed by the lemons that life throws at you. Big yellow curve calls that challenge you to your limits, test your resilience and make it hard to keep your head above water.

And as you’re riding the storm you find yourself asking in an exhausted, frustrated and burnt out state…”Where the $@*!*% is my lemonade?!”

Yep…we get it. We’ve been there. In fact, more people have been there than you know – which is why we’ve created this book.

The book has been crafted to help you find your lemonade and leave you feeling empowered, inspired and positive about whatever challenges you are currently facing.

One book – 17 INspirational stories

We’ve brought together 17 of the most inspirational stories from people just like you, who have overcome some of the biggest challenges in life to show how you can too.

there’s a story for everyone

Each story is different, pick the ones that relate to you the most, feel yourself connecting to the author as you envision their lives through their chapter.

give back to mental health

Each book purchase, including the one you make, will have all profits donated to the Mental Health Foundation charity so you can help them change lives.

what’s inside?

17 unique stories

We asked 17 people what their secret to happiness and contentment was, we asked them how they managed their challenges with their mental health. To follow the analogy, we asked them how they made lemonade out of lemons. What you’ll find in this book are those stories.

mental health…covered

Our incredible authors share stories of building body confidence and self love. Tales of resilience, courage and authenticity. We talk about gratitude, the importance of play (yes even as adults) and talk frankly and honestly about mental obstacles.

real-life experiences shared

These stories are real, and maybe not too dissimilar form your own. Each person has their own story of struggle, but they made it through and these are the stories about how they did it against the odds.

your “pick me Up” when you need it

Think of each individual chapter as a small nugget of inspiration. They’re meant to be dipped into as and when you need them to offer insights, ideas, tips and tricks to help you conquer.


It is often said that the quickest ways to success is to model those who have already accomplished what you want. This book reveals exactly how people just like you have overcome the challenges that life has thrown at them and made their lemonade.

Are you ready to discover your lemonade?

a little about us…

Life does get better, it does get easier and you will be happy!

We know this because we have been there too. Both of us have felt riddled with anxiety, poor mental health and hopelessness, as though we were stuck in the dark place and that the struggle was too much. We lacked confidence, calmness and peace and didn’t know if that would ever change. But guess what, it did, it really, really did. Life is so very different, better than either of us previously could have imagined.

We want this for you too. We want you to feel like you again. We want to restore your hope, your happiness and your inner peace, just like we have experienced ourselves.

We are Jamie and Raeesa, two twenty-something friends who have come together with the single purpose of helping you start to feel like you again.

Writing this book has been a passion project and every penny of profit is being donated to the Mental Health Foundation. We hope to raise money for this charity to help those struggling with their mental wellbeing- help someone by helping yourself.

With love,

Jamie and Raeesa


No matter where you are currently, how deep you are in the dark or how much you are suffering, there is always hope. This book is dedicated to reminding you that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and that you will one day reach it – no matter how dark it gets on the way.